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Internet Security Protection Measures

All unauthorized attempts at altering services or information provided by our website is strictly prohibited and may be indicted by law.

To maintain Internet security and all functions available on our website, the following protective measures are provided:

The use of an Internet Security System that monitors intrusions and Internet flow volume to identify unauthorized uploads or malicious attempts to hack our website.

The setup of a firewall to prevent illegal intrusions, theft or destruction of information; to thwart illegal use of our website and to protect user rights.

The setup of anti-virus software to periodically scan for viruses and to ensure a safe browsing environment for the user.

The setup of file protection software to repair information or files damaged by potential hackers, and to avert the any malicious editing of the website and related contents.

Daily backups and their transfer to a backup server.

Random simulation of intrusion by hackers, trial runs of system restoration and defining different levels of Internet

Security protection.

Automatic retrieval of electronic security notices by the company responsible for our network system and updates of security patches according to instructions.

Self-protection Measures

Please secure your own password or other personal data. Do not under any circumstances provide your password to others. If away for an extended period of time from your computer, please remember to close your browser and set your screensaver password.

Amendments to the Policy on Internet Security

Owing to the rapid advances in information technology, the fact that the associated laws and regulations are still a work in progress and the continually changing working environment, our Agency will keep the user posted on any revisions made to our policy on Internet security. Alerts will be linked to our revisions once they are posted on the Agency’s website.

Inquiries on the Policy on Internet Security

If you have any questions on our Policy on Internet Security, please feel free to contact us.