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▲ Forward

Maoluo River is the main branch of Wu River and is also one of the important rivers in Taiwan. The reconstruction planned in 1982 by Ministry of Economic Affaire. The plan was building the embankment, 36,080 meter of bank revetment from Qienqioli, Nan-Tao, to the converged place with Wu River. Due to the difficulty of the budget and the land, it only completed 6.2 km of embankment in 1993. During these past years, the low-lying land damaged by the flood, so it is urgent to solve the problem.

This project started again in October 1993, and finished in May 1996.

In March 1997, the "Maoluo River special committee" was established to plan beautifying, transportation, sewage treatment, and other related matters in this area. The convener is Mr. Sha-Long in the investigation of Province Government.

After the first commitment, we keep the idea of " water resource" to finish this project. We deal with beautifying the river, greening the slope, and purifying the water to provide Tai-Chung citizen a beautiful green land to enjoy their leisure time.

▲ The implementing condition

1.From 1994 to 1996, 850 land acquisition, the total area 165 hectare. 
2.From 1997, 550 land acquisition, the total area 70 hectare. 
3.From 1998, expecting 84 land acquisition, the total area 7 hectare.

▲ Achievement

1.Solving the flood problem in Nan-Tao City and Tsao-Tung town; protecing 800 hectare farmland, community, and industry area along the bank; promoting the value of the land along the bank. 
2.Dredging the freshet from Maoluo River; reducing to using the land of river bed; advancing the development of the city. 
3.Dredging the river by double entry cross-section or bank construction, it can increase about 50 hectare of land to further the usage of the river space. 
4.The extra land doesn't only increase the green land in the city, but also influent people's concept for river's landscape.