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Dali stream flow through the main area of Tai-Chung city. The main river and its other five influents (Han River, Dakung River, Putzu River, Toubin River, Tzouhu River, etc) overflow in this area when it gets the heavy rainfall. It's urgent to cure this problem.

Seeing that the serious flood, we had started to do the research and plan in 1969. The proposal was brought out in 1969, but this plan wasn't carried out by the expense difficulty. In July 1989, the storm made the disaster again, so that the Ministry of Administrative Affaire drew up the first improvement. The first improvement started in 1990 and ended in 1994; the second improvement started from 1995 and planned to end in 2000.

▲ The detail of the first improvement

1.The executive expense:

The total executive expense is 86.13 billion; 81.08 billion subsidy from central government, 5.05 billion from Taiwan provincial government.

2.The complete project:

Complete 21.21 Km of embankment, 14.24 Km causeway, 0.9 Km artificial changed route, five improvement irrigation entrance and rebuild one bridge (Shinan bridge).

3.The effectiveness:

When the project finished, it solved six hundred serious flood in Tai-Chung City and Taiping, Dali, Wufeng, Wur, etc, in Tai-Chung County. It also protected the farmland efficiently and keep the community in safety. Besides, it promoted the value of the land in this area. 
Cooperate with this area and to extend the territory in Taiping, Dali, Wufeng, Wur and the south area from Zhensin Road in Tai-Chung. It can promote and connect the life in Tai-Chung City and Tai-Chung County. 
Complete 21 Km of embankment, 14 Km of causeway to connect the national highway system and help to build a convenient transportation net. It provided a convenient living environment in Tai-Chung area. 
Complete the artificial changed route to dredge the heavy flood from the top of the mountain. It encouraged the city beside the old river channel to rebuild. 
After the reconstruction for deepwater groove, it provided fifty hectare to create some aquatic activity and to improve the development in the city. 
When the project finished, it will have 108.16 hectare of new land. 7.16 hectare will be the embankment for Wur. 5.16 hectare will be special area. 27.69 hectare will be part of high-speed railway.