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We manage the area, located in mid-west of Taiwan, which includes Daan River, Dajia River, and Wu River, three main rivers basin and the seabed plain between these river. It's a vast territory which is 4,000 sq Km. The administration area includes Tai-Chung county, Tai-Chung City; and Taian, Juolan, Dahu, Sanyi, Yuanli in Miaoli county; Renai, Puli, Yuchr, Mingjian, Jungliau, Nantou, Tsautuen, Changhua, Hemei, Shengang, etc.

Coordinate and conduct investigation and integrated planning of watersheds management in important river basins; Draw up improvement plan and coordinate work division of water resource.

The third River Basin Bureau conducts conservancy technological research and development, technical performance evaluation and auditing, planning, hydraulic testing and other related matters. The main business is to build, enforce, and maintain the embankment of the three main rivers in Tai-Chung County.

There are twelve flux stations, sixteen rain gauge stations, and thirty-eight ground-water observational stations, near Daan River, Dajia River, and Wu River. We collect those testing report and research to sort out the useful document.