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1. Hydrologic Data Modernization

We will put all hydrological data gathered by water level stations, precipitation meters, and underground water level stations online for use by academics, engineers and the general public.
We will set up flood plain classifications and early-warning flood facilities, including flood disaster insurance, flood plain management, land-use and related regulations.
We are computerizing the collection, statistical manipulation, transmission, display and filing of all central water management information, and integrating this information with information gathered by GIS.

2. River Environmental Rehabilitation

In rehabilitating concrete surfaces and rebuilding dikes along rivers and coastal areas, we will use naturalistic (manmade) materials to meet the needs of plants and animals and also to comply with information obtained through analysis of geological and hydrological data. The result will be an environment that animals will take refuge in and that will be aesthetically pleasing - a multifaceted, ecologically protected aquatic environment.

3. Coastal Environmental Rehabilitation

We will improve the coastal environment by planting mangrove stands - which are appropriate for a tidal habitat. We aim to create recreational opportunities while promoting ecological diversity and beautifying our scenic coastal environment.

4. Information Management

GIS is central to our information management strategy, which in large part is about protecting the integrity of our rivers' ecology.