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▲ Organization

There are four Sections and four Offices of First River Management Office, WRA, MOEA, including Construction Section, Management Section, Planning Section, Property Management Section, Secretarial Office, Budget ,Accounting and Statistics Office, Personnel Office, Civil Service Ethics Office.

▲ Responsibilites

‧Construction Section
Deal with the reconnaissance, design, administration and supervising of public work.

‧Management Section
Execute planning, management and implementation of water conservancy engineering; prevent and forbid the illegal behavior.

‧Planning Section
Conduct investigation and hydrological measurements, observations.

‧Property Management Section
Conduct the construction site, nationalized land; establish and document basic data.

‧Secretarial Office
Manage investigation, official dispatch, official seal, cashier, general affaires, public relationship; serve the people; deal with other related events but not belongs to the Section and Office.

‧Budget ,Accounting and StatisticsOffice

Conduct annual accounting, accounting and statistics.

‧Personnel Office
Manage the personnel events.

‧Civil Service Ethics Office
Conduct the investigation of political ethics.